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next steps

ages 8-11

Young Movers (Ages 3 - 6)
ADC takes the guess work out of choosing from a multitude of class options when students are young (ages 3 -7). The goal is to acclimate dancers to the structure of class through age appropriate curriculum while fostering a love for dance

NEXT STEPS (Ages 8 - 11)
Students 8-11 may take ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, tap and contemporary (level 3 and up).These classes run 45 - 60 minutes in length and students may decide to take more than one discipline. Many classes run back to back for convenience of schedule. 

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Basics 3 (Age 7)
New for 24-25 season! Basics 3 students may now choose to take class in the disciplines they are interested in. Families may choose from Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop and Tap. Classes run 30 minutes in length to encourage multiple disciplines of study. 

teen program

ages 12+

adult program

all ages welcome!

TEEN PROGRAM (Ages 12 and up)
The Structure of the ADC Teen Program allows each student to determine the time commitment they would like to make toward their dance education. For some students it is one to two classes per week. For others it is their main extra curricular activity. 

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Come experience the joy of movement through an adult dance class. Dancing improves memory, increases flexibility, boosts mood, reduces stress and improves heart health. Adults are welcome to try a class for free to see if it is a good fit. 

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Interested in taking a specific discipline? Our studio offers a wide range of classes in ballet, jazz, musical theater jazz, tap, modern, hip hop, technique, pre-pointe & pointe. Contact us to find out what is available for your age group! 

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