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The Early Bird Catches The Recital Costume - Fees & Process Explained

High School students strike a pose on Ashland MA high school stage

Just when we settle in to our first quarter of dance we are thinking about recital and costume expenses for May. To our loyal customers it may seem like the studio is jumping the gun. Why are we charging for costumes in October? Dancers have just begun to settle in to their routine. From the business side of things the reasons are many. Our recital is the first weekend in May which means we need costumes a bit earlier than most studios. We have also learned from experience. Several costumes were not available for our due date when we ordered after Thanksgiving. We also need time for costume returns when necessary. If the costumes arrive too close to the recital date we have less flexibility with returns and the costume company inventory is diminished. The old saying the early bird catches the worm is absolutely the case with recital costumes.

What does the recital costume fee include? We do get this question often. We understand that dancers ultimately wear their costume for the recital and then (if you can't manage to make it a cute Halloween costume) it gets put in a closet to be pulled out when parent or child is nostalgic. According to costume prices range from $50.00 to $300.00 with the average costume price being $80.00. Our costumes have consistently remained under the average. The cost of ADC costumes includes any accessories, tights and reasonable alterations. Ultimately it means you will not need to sew straps, buy tights or spend extra with a seamstress.

We are very careful when choosing costumes for all of our students. We require all costumes be age appropriate and respectful. Comfort for our youngest students is a big deciding factor. We want our dancers to feel good and look good on-stage without being objectified. The recital is a culmination of all the lessons being taught at the studio on a weekly basis and we take that responsibility seriously.This year marks the studio's 40th year taking the stage with our dancers - your children. We are looking forward to seeing each and every one shine on stage!

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