First Day of Dance Class for New Students

The studio opens its doors to our new and returning students on Wednesday, September 8th. For our first time students and parents, this may cause a bit of anxiety because the world of dance or this specific studio may be new to you. You may be worried about wearing masks and assimilation into the procedures.

Here is the good news. ADC teachers have experienced many first days with new students! Please know we are not judging in any way. There are times students will not walk through the door. They may have separation anxiety. Staying calm and collected and patient typically pays off, especially during these trying times. The first few weeks of classes with our younger students may feel hectic. Young dancers are getting to know the routine. Parents are getting to know drop off routines. Teachers are getting to know your child. It takes a few weeks to establish the norm. Our number one priority is making your child feel comfortable. We want them to trust the teacher. The next goal is to allow them to fall in love with dance! This often doesn't happen on week one. Going in with an open mind and patience is helpful.


1. Come dressed for class (see dresscode here).

2. Check what studio your child's class is in through the on-line portal so you know what door you will be entering.

3. Bring a bag with the shoes your child needs for class. Put their names in the shoes to identify easily.

4. Show up 5 minutes before class to line up outside and wait for teacher instructions.

5. If your child is 5 or older they will be escorted in with their teachers as the waiting room is closed.

6. Our 3 & 4 year old dancers are allowed 1 parent in the waiting room during class.

7. Talk about dance class a few weeks before it begins. Let them know they will have a dance teacher that will show them how to move. There will be rules to follow (we need to take turns, change lines etc). Talk about how excited you are to see them dance and how much fun dance can be.

8. Come to open house on Wednesday, August 25th to see the space, meet the staff and get comfortable.

9. Remind dancers that a mask will be worn to keep everyone safe.


1. The bathroom is located in studio c.

2. We have ample parking at 111 Cherry St. & Megunko Street side of the building.

3. There will be office staff on hand to help you navigate the first day and assist in any way we can.

4. We have tights, leotards, shorts, and tank tops for sale at the studio. Please call ahead if you need dancewear and we will set up an appointment with you. We do not carry shoes.

We are looking forward to a successful transition into the studio for all our students. Stay in communication with your child's teacher or me if there are any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing ADC. We look forward to sharing our 44th year with you and your child.

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