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Honoring our 2018 Seniors

With the start of the new year comes the reality that time is limited with our oldest students. The students that have weathered several years at the studio. The ones who have recital war stories about a costume malfunction or a missed step. They are also the students our youngest dancers look up to. The students who assist classes and act as role models to those who will take their place in rank next year or the year after. Some accomplished in more than dance. Musical Theatre students, Presidents of National Honor Society, musicians and workers for local businesses. Students who come from Ashland, Hopkinton and Holliston. Our seniors have learned about confidence on-stage. They understand the role dance plays in their life - be it one class or 6. They have built solid relationships with their peers and teachers. Oftentimes teachers are inspired by our oldest dancers and look forward to making their last year at the studio a memorable one. Each and every one of you have given at least one teacher a reason to smile. Each and every one of you have made at least one teacher proud. Most importantly, each and every one of you have created a space in your life for dance to live. Movement is an incredible gift. As you plan your next steps in life I hope dance continues to play a role. In the meantime, don't forget about getting your senior information to the office on-time. Senior scholarship applications and pictures are now being collected in the office. Help us make your last year a memorable one.

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